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South Australian

Obsessed with my three horses, Charlie, Jerico and Tutsy. Olympic show jumping dreams. Adore my two dogs, Charlie and Stella.


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Very interesting how carousel horses all look so pissed. Way to teach kids what horses should look like yo

Baby huggy <3

Hannah and Jer

Anonymous said: Did you see any youtubers vlogging in America like kailee Mckenzie

No, but I wish I did! Had never heard of her before tbh!

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Anonymous said: Can you link us to any denim breeches on spooks or any nice ones like your blue ones?

http://www.spooksriding.com.au/index.php?route=product/product&path=79&product_id=350 these are mine in the Aussie store :) 

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Anonymous said: Hi! I wondered: do you always jump without any protections on his legs? I do not criticize but I'm french, and here we never jump without at least protecting the frontal legs, so it intrigues me. Isn't it a bit risky for your horse?

The last jump lesson I had I actually completely forgot to put them on… I felt super bad after but yes I usually use boots :) Back boots I didn’t use for awhile because he would carelessly knock the jump with his back legs because of the boots but i’ve just started using them - just need to buy a decent pair :)

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Anonymous said: What the fuck... How come you didn't give any release what so ever over those jumps in your recent video? Your hands look so heavy on his mouth the whole time Jesus

Do you expect me to give him an olympic fence release on 80 and 90cm jumps??? I keep an even contact in his mouth, if I threw all the rein at him he’d just knock the jump…. or if I did some big crest-“look i’m part of my horses neck! - bum OUT!”. release he would just be like ‘Get off my neck!’.

I can guarantee you they are not heavy, they are eVEN, and follow his movement. People with heavy hands ride him and he just gets confused and tries to halt the whole time, or has his ears back the whole time. Jeri is a good teaching horse in the way that he expresses exactly how he feels through his movement and expression, if anyone is different, nervous, too strong, or catches him in the mouth he’ll pin his ears, show the whites of his eyes, or buck.

Plus he’s in a mullen mouth happy ring, which is literally the kindest bit you can get.

You have to ride a horse into the bit/bridle when jumping, if you’re riding around on a looping rein the whole time you really have no control on distances or a decent canter.

I didn’t realise you know more than the 2 time gold medalist that was instructing me haha.

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Amazing silicon knee grip breeches only $75
#breeches #silicon #denim

Anonymous said: Can you link us to your navy spooks breeches

I got them in 2012 so they were from a few seasons ago and I would expect that most places wouldn’t have them anymore, but spooks will probably bring out another denim breech sometime!

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Anonymous said: How do you find the kerrits? Comfy?

They’re VERY skin tight but I prefer them looking better and being a little uncomfortable than having baggy breeches haha

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Anonymous said: did you just walk around america with your camera

with my iphone… I mean I guess, I wanted to be able to remember the best bits :)

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Anonymous said: Where are those breeches from in your new video?

They’re kerrits from manhattan saddlery :)

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