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South Australian

Obsessed with my three horses, Charlie, Jerico and Tutsy. Olympic show jumping dreams. Adore my two dogs, Charlie and Stella.


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Anonymous said: Have you tried FITS breeches? I brought some today and oh my.... feels like you're wearing nothing. Nice grip, real leather seat as well... safe to say they are my second skin.

I sososoos badly want to try them!! I was just a bit edgy about where to get them and the sizing with their price! But I love the butt.

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Anonymous said: Australia isn't expensive, it's called exchange rates

um, no


oh and trust me, that is a cheap example

There is a reason I buy internationally.

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Anonymous said: Hey Hannah, when you ordered from horseloverz website what was the postage like to australia? because omg the site is so cheap and good and I really wanna order stuff but when I look at the items in my cart the subtotal is way more than the items and stuff and I was wondering are they adding the cost of the shipping in the sub total? Also how did you find the quality and did it take long to get to you? :)

The international postage from there is shocking unfortunately!! They determine it from how much you pay for the item and not how big/ heavy it is so it works if you get cheap and big items or lots of cheap stuff :)
Usually it’s around $100 (cringe)

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Anonymous said: is sillyfreckles still your idol?

hahahah omfg i’m not 100% how you found out she was without scrolling my blog for about 900 years haha

I mean, I still think she’s hella fab and generally a really cool person but she’s not generally ‘my idol’ though I do look up to how badass she is and how she just did not give a shit what people said hahaha

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Anonymous said: 6 hours is a long way! Why would you travel that far? Are there not many events in SA?

Yeah it didn’t seem so far but yeah it was a fairly long way! I am super lucky to have supportive parents that’ll give up their weekend to take me!!

…Well SA has probably around the same amount of events as most places…(6-8???) but I don’t really know about other places tbh??

I just have a set plan on where I aim to be going up to pre novice and so i’m trying to fit as many events at prelim level as possible before I go up! I had heard that Mildura was a really good place to go up to the next level! :) I’ll be going on an 8 hour trip to Werribee for interschool nationals later this year and so it was a trial for that too I guess..

My SJ & XC trainer and lots of SA riders and people I knew went and generally it was just a really fun time and good experience…so although it was far i’m really glad I got it in!

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Anonymous said: where did you keep jeri when you went mildura?

A couple had a house which they had as a bed and breakfast with caravans and stuff…except I had no room so I slept in their living room haha. But it was such a nice place and had stables just outside the house :) 

Basically it was on the newsletter for the event and thats how we found it!

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Anonymous said: why do you put like 4 rugs on Jeri?....

bcz it’s cold & he usually has 3 on…which is the minimal number for a clipped horse outside here. He’s a ‘draft’ breed cross a hot breed so he’s not really a ‘hot’ horse. His paddock isn’t super big so he can’t go out for a big trot/canter to warm up… annnd he has 4 on at the moment because it’s freeeeeezing.

If I had any less on him i’d have anons saying i’m abusing him for not putting enough rugs on him lel lets b srs

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Ew mirror selfie who even does them
Yellowstone selfie??? Ok

Anonymous said: What is your makeup routine for events? Like what products, brushes etc? x

I use a lot of different stuff at the moment…foundation wise! I really want to start trying bb cream though :) and it depends if I have any fake tan on…But anyway…

Loreal true match in sand beige with an real techniques expert face brush OR Estee Lauder resilience lift extreme in Ivory beige
Then at the moment I just put cheap sephora translucent powder over with the real techniques multi task brush
Then revlon nearly naked in medium moyen with the multi task brush again to stop my face from being shiny - not 100% sure I like it though, but i’ve hit pan
Just got some bobbi brown blush in pale pink from US which I LOVE
Sometimes I don’t bother with bronzer but I just also got the bobbi brown bronzer which is fab
& Georgina best lash extreme (though I have no idea where it is atm)

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Anonymous said: You're vlog was awesome!! :) When are you're other ones going to be up cos I'm so keen? x

Cross country one tomorrow!! xx Thanks anon!!

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